The Daily Bag Every Guy Needs

"A man bag is a small to medium sized bag to carry all your daily essentials. Not including your computer and stuff. This is for everything else"

- Aaron Morino, Alpha M. (Male Fashion Influencer with more than 6 Million Subscribers)


Our Man Bags

The Sling

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Customer Reviews

"Very happy with my purchase! Quality is strong and as an environmental advocate, I appreciate the fact that it’s almost entirely made from recycled materials. Weather proofing is spot on as Singapore has experienced some weird weather lately. Straps are long enough to wear the bag how you want, yet short enough not to be a hassle. Recommended!"

- Sam (The Daypack)

"Has the right shape and look. Size is perfect as well, not too bulky yet roomy enough for daily items. The front hidden pocket’s magnets are also very strong and ideal for keeping my phone"

- Ang (The Daypack)

"Quality fabric and just the kind of look that I was looking for. Sometimes I forget I’m even carrying the sling. No qualms about recommending the bag!"

- Vincent (The Sling)